Hi, friend!

I’m Amanda, the teacher-designer behind the Ms. Peach Plus brand. I’m so grateful you stopped by! Ms. Peach Plus is a teacher lifestyle brand all about teachers and those who love them. This brand is built on serving and uplifting those who are changing the world every day through education.

As a teacher who’s been in the classroom for over a decade, I’ve seen so many wonderful teachers walk away from the profession so early in their careers for a variety of reasons. One of those is burnout. The stress of teaching is often made unreasonably worse by unnecessary paperwork, unreasonable expectations by parents and/or administrators, and the seemingly never-ending responsibilities being handed to teachers by people who either have never been in a classroom, or haven’t led one in many, many years.

I’ve been on the edge of leaving. Many times. The decision to stay is one that I’ve prayed about constantly, and it’s led me to Ms. Peach Plus.

Ms. Peach Plus, as a blog, has had a long journey to become what it is today, and it’s all for a great purpose! Through the blog and Ms. Peach Plus Designs, I am able to support teachers and those who love them with designs, gifts, activities, and educational content. It is my hope that this endeavor serves you well by helping teachers to learn to work from a place of rest and helping parents learn ways to better support their educators and their students.

In my classroom, we’re a family. I’m a social introvert, and obviously, I love pouring into people. (Enneagram 2w3, yall!) We love to have a good time in my room. Cooking, painting, drawing, playing, or just singing while we work. My students, who I’ll often refer to as my babies on the blog, always keep me on my toes in the best of ways. I mean, no one can quite build your boost your mood, or shut you down, quite like a five year-old. They humble you quickly!

I’m all for enjoying life outside the classroom as well! A southern girl at my core, I’m forever a lover of Christ and sweet tea. You can find me enjoying quality time with family and friends, but I’m equally as comfortable curled up on the couch with a good book while music is softly playing in the background.

Again, I’m so happy to have you here, and I hope something here inspires you make a positive impact in your world!


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