2021 Kindness Collection

Kindness. Strength. Encouragement.

Ms. Peach Plus Designs- Post It Heart

These are the words behind my kindness collection this year. When I created the collection last year, it was something I felt so strongly about at the time. I’m finding myself with an even deeper pull to share this message after the turmoil of 2020 and the divisiveness we’re seeing in our world today.

When thinking about what to create as my first collection of the year, I thought about what would be a meaningful way to celebrate the Valentine’s season in a broader sense, one that unites us beyond February. I went over last year’s collection and thought about what I could add to it that would resonate now. I wanted to really highlight the strength that comes from being kind and encourage people to find it within themselves.

Ms. Peach Plus Designs - Kindness Moves Mountains

While the first collection consisted totally of tees and sweatshirts, I wanted to expand this year’s collection to include a bit more. This choice allows you to share kindness with others in multiple ways. This collection includes tees, sweatshirts, stationery, art prints, and even two mugs!

Below, I share some of my favorites from the collection.

Ms. Peach Plus Designs - Kindness Makes the World Go Round
Ms. Peach Plus Designs - Kindness Over Everything
Ms. Peach Plus Designs - Encouragement Card Trio
Ms. Peach Plus Designs - A Kind Word Notepad
Ms. Peach Plus Designs - Courageous and Kind

The collection will be released January 14th at 8pm. I will be discussing the collection and sharing a bit of insight on Instagram Live at 7:30pm, before the collection drops.

The Kindness Collection runs through February 15th, and the designs will then leave the ship. So if there’s something you love, be sure to snatch it up quickly!


MsPeachPlus Signature Peach

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