SUMMER SERIES: A Summer to Remember

Ms. Peach Plus - A Summer to Remember

Ahh! We’ve finally made it to summer! Friend, I know you had grand plans for what summer would bring. I’m right there with you. The need to keep our families and ourselves safe while we explore this is on the forefront of many of our minds. I’ve resigned myself to sticking close to home this summer, but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t have some special things planned.

Ms. Peach Plus Blog-A Summer to Remember

Teaching from home for two months allowed me reevaluate my space and my life. It’s also forced me to think about ways to improve and live the life that I want. Since I’ll be home for the summer, I find it the perfect time to begin cultivating a life that serves me in the best ways possible. This caused me to really think about what to write on my summer bucket list. Now, typically my summer bucket lists are full of fun, exciting activities that involve travel and friends. This year’s bucket list is a bit more low-key, of course. My focus is personal growth and filling my days with simple joys.

Ms. Peach Plus Blog -A Summer to Remember

While it may seem like my summer bucket list may end up looking like a renewed list of resolutions, I want to clarify, that I’m not listing a set of goals. Each item will be a task that I can achieve this summer by taking initiative. That said, I ultimately want the choices I’ve made to make life going forward better and this summer full of memories I can look back on with joy. I feel we all deserve that. I’m going to spend more time working on my list this week, but I’ve already got a few ideas above.

Ms.Peach Plus-A Summer to Remember

In my excitement, I’ve decided to share my progress with a summer blog series that will last through July. I’ve also asked a few friends to share their ideas about how to make the most of this summer, and life moving forward. We’re discussing tips for mental health, making time for ourselves, and building a life we love. I’m so excited to share this with you, as each of the women I asked to participate has a passion for the topic they’ll be sharing.

Ms.Peach Plus-A Summer to Remember

I invite you to join me on this journey to making the most of this summer with my Summer Bucket List download. You can grab yours here. I’d love to see what you’re prioritizing this summer and would love for you to share with me on Instagram using the hashtag #mspeachplussummer. I’m wishing you an amazing summer, and be sure to come back as my friends and I share what our thoughts and ideas on making this summer one you’ll remember in the best of ways!


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