Rejecting Grace

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The post below was written in January. I was ready to continue to post my usual vision for the year, but I felt the need to press pause. I haven’t blogged since. Honestly, I’m thrilled that I didn’t. I was too into life at the time to really press forward with blogging purposefully. And that’s just not what you deserve.

So here, in July, I feel ready to share these words. It’s strange reading them now, as it was so true. The last six months have been full of me allowing myself the very grace I was refusing to accept. Here’s to stepping into your purpose and living the rest of this year gracefully.

When’s the last time you said no to God?

Think about it.

When’s the last time God put something on your heart, and your first reaction was, “Nah. I’m good.”?

Growing up, I never thought to reject what I felt God was telling me, but your girl has gotten really bold lately… And He still wins no matter what!

In December, my pastor, Andy, spoke on the topic of Grace. Extending grace to others, to yourself, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for us. I left with ways that other people could extend grace. Shoot, I even thought of one or two people I would consider extending grace to myself. As the week wore on though, I realized that grace was meant for me. That was the word I was meant to have for 2019.

Ms. Peach Plus Blog

But why, though? I had a word. As a matter of fact I had two words: fruitful & empowerment. I didn’t need God messing up my plan, and I didn’t need Him making a mess in my PowerSheets. (I know Lara says get messy, but it’s a struggle.) I wanted fruitful and empowerment because they fit into my plan of what I wanted to see this year.

It’s not what God wants me to see this year, though, and that has caused me to take several steps back.

With the word grace finally in place as my word, I began working on my goals for 2019, and for the first time in a very long time, my business was not explicitly mentioned in my goals. I realized this after “officially” writing them down, and it was a huge eye-opener for me. I’ve spent the better part of five years focusing a great deal of my active energy on making my business thrive and finding what the true purpose of my mission as a business owner is. I did things I never wanted to do in order to make money, and though it taught me a lot, I have to say I’m so grateful that the search for purpose in that department is over.

Ms. Peach Plus Blog

It’s there that I started to find more grace. Extending grace to myself to not push myself as hard as I did before. To find a growth in listening for direction with MPPD instead of forcing one. I can’t create the full vision of what I’ve been given in a short amount of time, and I’ve been given more that I would have ever asked for. There’s a bit of patience that it takes, and I need to place more focus on other aspects of my life to support my dreams fully.

So what are my goals for 2019?

  1. Invest in my health.
  2. Be intentional with my time.
  3. Give myself grace to enjoy life fully.
  4. Cultivate new and current relationships.
  5. Share the Spirit of God with others through my gifts.
  6. Cultivate my finances.

After going through the very important process of working through my thoughts in my PowerSheets, this is what I discovered to be true about what I needed to tend to in this season of my life. They are so simple but can only be achieved thoughtfully. What’s a goal you’re looking to reach this year?


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