A Planner for Teachers

There’s no perfect planner. Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers

Let that sink in. There is not a perfect planner out there. I have seen so many beautiful and functional planners out there for people who are moms, entrepreneurs, teachers, working women, students, etc. The options are endless. Even so, I struggled to find the planner that fit what I needed in my life. 

See, everybody’s got that one that works for them. Emily Ley has mastered simplifying your life with a planner. Whitney English has done a masterful job of weaving goal-setting and intentionality in her planners. Erin Condren has done a stellar job with creating planners that her audience can customize easily and fit a wide range of needs. In this age of planners that fit every lifestyle, what was I missing?

Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers

Let me take you back to Amanda who was sitting in team meetings with a notepad writing the same categories for planning every week. The young woman who then bought her first expensive and thoughtful planner, but still couldn’t find space to fit teaching in her life.  The girl who bought the teacher planner and wasted money because I just didn’t have that much to write in any planner. I just needed space for teaching to fit into my life simply. 

The summer of 2013, I started working on a planner that fit my needs. (Keep in mind that I did not go to school to become a graphic designer, y’all!) If you could envision me sitting in bed with my jammies on building tables on my Microsoft PowerPoint, you would be in tears from laughter. I had no clue how to approach it, but I was determined. Let me say that your girl can make some bomb worksheets on PPT, but it was not doing my planner life any justice. To be fair, I did create this, so I wasn’t too far off course. 

It took me FIVE years, y’all, but I finally figured out how to create a planner that fit teaching into my life. I’m a big picture type of girl, so writing my full lesson plans in a planner after typing them feels redundant. Personally, I don’t need to have them printed or written out. I just need to know the “big ideas for the week.

Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers

Inside the Kinder Teacher Life Planner, there’s a space at the bottom of each week to write your big ideas and topics for the week. This space has been invaluable to me this school year, and I want to share that with other teachers who just want to carry one planner that has a space for what they need in their lives and their careers.

Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers

Okay, so what else does this planner have that’s made my life so much easier? I thought carefully about all of the spaces I found a need for in all of the planners that I’ve had. The meetings, the goals, the birthdays, the lists… I needed to include all of those things, and decided to make a space for each in my planner. It’s such a relief to be able to fit everything from different committees into one place.

Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers

While initially the planner wasn’t something I intended to sell, I’ve been so encouraged by the impact its had that I want to share this with y’all! To give other teachers an idea of what the planner has to offer, I’ve created a semester planner that actually goes above and beyond by including eight months (January-August), so you can plan and jot ideas throughout the summer, which is certainly helpful if you teach summer school.

A lot of thought went into the construction of this planner, and I decided that I wanted a planner that was created and produced in the United States. While this means a more costly planner, it does make me proud to know that this book is supporting the jobs of fellow Americans. Also, the planners are not coil bound. (This is a consideration for future editions, though.) The semester planner for Spring 2019 is available as a perfect-bound softcover book. Academic planners will be available in softcover and hardcover options in spring of 2019. 

Is this the perfect planner? Shoot, no, but it sure is pretty awesome for me and my classroom. I’m hoping you or a teacher you know will feel the same! Right now, there’s 15% off the semester planner on Etsy through Cyber Monday. (And there’s free shipping on everything in my shop every day. Yay!) Have a fantastic holiday week friends, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Kinder Teacher Life Planner!



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