Where I Belong

Ms. Peach Plus - I am a Creative Founder

I’m alright. This is right where I belong.

I stood staring out at the water in the as the faintest of the sun’s rays peeked over the water. The salty breeze danced across my face, and I closed my eyes. I didn’t come outside for this, though. I just came to see the sun rise over the water. This was not supposed to get deep. I was not out there for an epiphany.

But thankfully, God is in control. Not me.

When I left the Society for Creative Founders Conference in April, I just knew where I was was leaping to, but my plans DID NOT fall into place like I thought they should have. I mean opportunities literally fell into my lap! Something wasn’t right though. Just as opportunities were coming my way, I was making simple mistakes I’d never made before. Things weren’t adding up. And what I was most passionate about, my workshops, were slipping through my hands.

In the midst of this, the passion project that I’d been trying to structure for nearly five years was becoming a source of frustration for me. I’d decided to put it on the backburner, but there was a nagging about its potential that just would not go away! What was the meaning of all of this? I mean, I got SO much from SCF, but I didn’t know how to use it because my passions did not align with the path I’d set.

Photo by Ashley of www.ashleyvictoria.com

See, when I selected the word light as my word for this year, the two driving factors behind that decision were that I wanted to carry less baggage in my life, and I wanted clarity for my direction in life. I’m in my thirties. I feel like I need to be more grounded. (Still learning that there’s no set timeline for things to fall into place. He’s still working on me y’all…)

It’s only been in the last two months that God has put a new direction on my heart, and I found myself stating that new purpose as I introduced myself to a new group of ladies at the SCF conference in October.

“I design for teachers and those who love them.”

Those are NOT my words y’all. That’s straight from the Lord. I’m not that eloquent. I hid my shock from what I’d just said, but I needed to figure out my next move because I’d put it out there. How do I drop everything else and just do this?

Teaching is my passion, for real. I love what I do, I’m just not enamored with the politics of it. I love sharing my zest for learning and creativity with my students and my peers. Knowing this, it doesn’t actually seem odd that I would take this turn in my business. I remember Lisa of Paper Daisies Stationery talking with me a few years ago about teaching stationery as we talked and bounced around ideas. It was at a time that I  was launching my new website and name. I thought I should do things because I could… I now know better.

So what does this really mean?

Well, I’m combining by love of teaching with my passion for beautiful, hand lettered pieces and script styles. I’ll be sharing gifts, tips, tricks, freebies, and all about that teacher life. The designs are still fun, southern, and fresh. The purpose is to serve those who give day in and day out to change the world by making our children better people. Providing them with meaningful pieces that make a positive impact and let them know they matter.

Pencil bag 1.png

Functionality meets pretty with the items I’m sharing starting November 3rd, and I’ll be sharing sneak peeks on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, stay tuned for the new website in November for those of you itching for custom designs. (I just love custom pieces!)

Thanks friends, and I’ll be chatting with you soon!



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