Becoming Accomplished + A Giveaway


Raise your hand if you had a life plan for your adulthood.

Yeah, girl. I did, too.

In my plan, I would meet my husband in college. By 24 we’d be married, and we’d start our family by age 25. We’d live in a beautiful old brick home in Decatur, and by now, I’d have all four of my children and be a fiction author living that stay-at-home mom life. I knew exactly how my life would turn out.

I’m just not living that life.

It used to hurt that I’m not married or that successful author yet. My mind, as I’m sure many of yours have, used to tell me that I’m getting old and all of my dreams have passed me by. It’s taken a lot of time to realize that the dream I had for myself is not the vision that God had for me.

God had teaching, calligraphy, graphic design, and art in my journey. He had a broken heart that I thought I’d never heal from. God had crippling depression, life-changing illness, and unimaginable debt written in my story. Why has He written my story this way? The truth is, I may never know. And that’s okay. The version God has written is perfect in its own way, so I will continue to move with what’s in store for me.

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

I just finished reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and she discussed this idea of plans that we had for ourselves that never came to fruition. In ways, it can make us feel like we’re failures. To counter this, Rachel suggested listing your accomplishments. Admittedly, I just stared at the screen when I came to that part. “Girl, you want me to list my accomplishments? I can’t think of a single thing I’ve done, but I can tell you 100 missed opportunities right now!

The longer I thought about it though, she’s right. We focus so much on what hasn’t been done, that we rob ourselves of joy and self-worth. You are built and molded by your experiences: failures AND accomplishments.  No matter the size, they all matter!

So, here I sit trying my best to think of the things that I’ve accomplished and goals I’ve achieved in my life. Some seem so miniscule to me, but I have to move past that. In doing this, I will hopefully begin feeling more like I have lived my years as opposed to just moving through them. Here are ten things that I’ve accomplished in my life:

  1. I’ve obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  2. I’ve built two businesses.
  3. I’ve written a novel. (I’ll get around to publishing it one day…)
  4. I’ve traveled solo to two business conferences in places I’d never been.
  5. I’ve traveled to Europe.
  6. I’ve been a teacher for TEN years.
  7. My work has been published.
  8. I’ve overcome depression.
  9. I’ve been to fourteen states.
  10. I created teacher planner. (More on this later!)

Make sure you take in all of your wins with a heap of gratitude. I’m sure there are quite a bit more achievements that I can list, but I’m going to sit with these for now and know that this life has not been fruitless! There’s so much to be proud of and smile about!

Hi Yall -Ms. Peach Plus

Rachel’s book has been such a blessing to my life, and I want to share that with someone else. Leave a comment with one your life’s accomplishments, and one of you will win a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face! The winner will be selected Labor Day!


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