How My Life Changed in Four Days

My Creative Conference Experience: Creative Founders Conference- Ms. Peach Plus

How My Life Changed in Four Days - Ms. Peach Plus

Meet my new creative family.

Seriously! These women are absolutely amazing, and the time I spent with them changed me both professionally and personally. It was a testament to His divine timing and what is possible when you step out of your comfort zone and into His plan.

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

The Society for Creative Founders (formerly Stationery Academy) has a conference each year, and it’s been on my list since of conferences to attend since about 2015. Near the end of last year, I felt a sense that this was my year to go. I didn’t know how I could possibly make that happen, but I stayed in prayer about in. With me being such an introvert (I now realize I’ve been using that as a debilitating excuse to be a recluse), I didn’t want to go if there wasn’t anyone there that I knew. I felt that God would send a sign, if this was truly my year. Enter three friends from the Inspired Retreat who were selected as speakers. I don’t know how much clearer it could’ve gotten for me!

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

I was so unsure about flying to Pensacola to stay in a house with 25 other creative women, but the warmth we felt the moment they opened the doors enveloped us all. As we walked in and hugged each of the speakers, I felt I belonged. There was so much joy in the house and 26 creatives began a journey to discovery, acceptance, enlightenment, and friendship.

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

We learned so much at SCF that I know I need weeks (and maybe months) to soak it all in an make lasting changes. We discussed how to make our businesses fit into our lives, how to serve our clients, and how to be bosses when it comes to managing money. The speakers were all so dynamic and had so much to offer each of us in terms of support and advice. Conferences like this are such a large investment, and I got more than I bargained for. This was a space truly designed to encourage questions and openness as well as foster growth.

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach PlusHow My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

At our last dinner together, we cried and cried tears of joy. There was SO much love in this room that I’m teary-eyed as I write this. I questioned this part of my story so much. There was so much guilt for taking time to do something for myself. There was a little voice telling me I didn’t deserve to be at the conference… that I was the least accomplished person in the room and that spot belonged to someone else.

Above is a picture of me getting “it”. Every woman who made it to that room was there for a purpose. Even me. It was amazing how we bonded and the stories we shared resonated with others in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

I have to include how wonderful this human being is. She organized a beautiful and inspiring conference where everyone was sad to leave but excited to soar. The care that went into crafting this experience did not go unnoticed. Kristin, if you’re reading this, know that every life was changed for the better and the connection we made as a group will live forever. Thank you, and love you!

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

So how did my life change in just four days?

  1. My confidence has skyrocketed. (I mean, like seriously high!) I’m in my early thirties and am more confident now than I’ve been my entire life. Life had taken a toll on my confidence in the past six years, and it’s been a struggle at times to fake it when people are used to you being happy and secure. I find myself feeling like… myself. And, yes, I’m shocked there’s been such a quick 180 in my attitude, but it seems a nudge from the right source can be all you need to change.
  2. I recognize that I’m not about the hustle. I’m all about working from a place of rest and joy. I want my life to guide my business, not the other way around. That leads me into the next point…
  3. I am going to live my life. I’ve never really publicized that my business was born out of a depression. Yes, it was a late-night epiphany that led me to my biz, but I was up late because of my condition. I went from avoiding people due to my illness to avoiding them because I was so busy building my company. That’s no way to live a life you love. I’m living better and inviting people back into my life.
  4. I’ve revamped Ms. Peach Plus Designs. This was probably the scariest move of all. My friend, Maghon, reminded me that just because I can doesn’t mean that I should. I’m SO grateful for that reminder. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to do all the things that we ignore what fires us up most.  I’m so excited to go in this new direction. It feels so right!
  5. Foundations for lasting friendships were established while in Pensacola. It is rare to find people who get your drive and passion about being a creative. There are just so many people who don’t understand. At the conference, it was so easy to belong and feel connected. These are women that I know I can reach out to for support, and I’m able to provide the same for them. We are a judgement-free crew who’ve got each others’ backs. That is just so precious in life.
  6. I recognize my worth, and I’m not going back to the way things were.

How My Life Changed in Four Days-Ms. Peach Plus

I left the SCF conference with a plan and a tribe that wants to see me happy and successful. It’s an incredibly invaluable blessing that I will cherish for life. If you are a maker looking for a conference for people who get it, then this one is for you!

Wonderful things can happen outside of your comfort zone. You just have to take that leap. From the keyboard of a former recluse, go out there and make your dreams happen, friend!

*All photos were taken by the amazing Anna Filly. She is undeniably gifted, and we were so blessed to have her at the conference with us!



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