What’s Your Sign?

Ms. Peach Plus - What's Your Sign

We’re on the tail end of what’s been dubbed “engagement” season. Many of you, I’m sure are now excitedly making preliminary plans for your special day.

Ms. Peach Plus - What's Your Sign?

Your wedding signs make a great impression when your guests arrive on your big day. What will your signs say? What types of sign will you have? Will they be printed or lettered?

Signs are my absolute favorite project to complete. Although many are similar in terms of wording, the styles are endless, and reflect each couple’s uniqueness. Handlettered signs have boomed in popularity, which guarantees each couple a unique piece to treasure.

Ms. Peach Plus - What's Your Sign?

From bohemian to chic, your welcome sign sets the tone for your event, so what will work best for you?

If your event is glam, and you’re willing to spend a bit more, I suggest a mirror, acrylic, or framed glass. It adds a dramatic effect that will definitely get your guests excited and talking. Writing for these is almost always done in white ink, but I used gold ink for a friend’s wedding and loved the results! Painting the back of the glass really made the lettering pop.

Going for more of rustic feel? You must go with wood! It’s warm and welcoming for your guests and gives your event a more relaxed atmosphere.

Ms. Peach Plus - What's Your Sign?

Chalkboards seem to be able to transform well and work for many types of weddings and events. I love seeing them outdoors though. If your wedding is at a vineyard or garden, I absolutely suggest a chalkboard easel for your sign.


Here are some common questions that arise when choosing the best signs for your wedding:

  1. Well, how many signs do I actually need? You need a welcome sign. Other signs such as seating charts, table numbers, menus, and quotes are wonderful additions, but consider your budget and style when determining if you need additional signs. I have seen some very creative seating charts and table numbers using glasses, fruit, and hanging cards. There are a plethora of choices, but choose what seems most in line with your personality.
  2. How much should I spend? When you get to this part of your planning, decide if you want a sign you can keep forever or one just for the ceremony. This will help you determine whether or not you want to spend $100 or $500 on signs for your wedding. Your most expensive signs should be your welcome sign and seating chart. (If you have a large quote, expect to pay $50 or more for that as well.)
  3. Is it okay to rent a sign? It sure is! Renting a mirror, frame, or chalkboard for your wedding sign is a great idea, if you are not interested in keeping the piece.
  4. Should I choose a handlettered or printed sign? Handlettered signs are almost always more expensive than printed signs, but the difference in price is not always great. As I stated before, handlettered signs are a unique statement that reflect your wedding. There are several vendors who offer sign templates for print, so if that is your preference, go for it!
  5. What size will you need for a welcome sign? My standard size for welcome signs is 16in x 20in. I find this size to be large enough to be seen, but small enough to be transported easily. Personally, I wouldn’t go any larger than an 18in x 24in sign.

I hope this helps, friend! If you have more questions, drop a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer!

Best of luck!


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