Vision 18

Ms. Peach Plus -Vision 18

Happy New Year!

Part of me can’t believe that I’m writing this post. The other part of me is just thrilled that 2017 is over. Anyone else feel like it was an intense year?


I’m currently working on my latest set of Powersheets. They’re better than ever, and I feel like my goals are more focused this year. If you don’t have a set yet, I encourage you to purchase yours here. Only the six-month sets are available now.

Admittedly, prep for my goals took a lot longer this year. The last two months have been incredibly hectic, and I hadn’t been able to actually focus. Once I did, however, I uncovered some themes that I hadn’t been able to identify in the chaos of my daily life. Is there something not right in your life, and you’re having trouble identifying it as well? I’m so with you. As I shared in my last post, I learned that I need to manage my time well. It’s imperative to improve my quality of life.

Photo: Gina Zeidler

Taking this into account, when asked which areas I wanted to focus on in 2018, I chose my business, my finances, and my health. These aspects of my life suffer most when I fail to prioritize what matters most. While I still have other goals, these are the areas in which I would like to see major improvements in 2018.


Below, I’ll share my goals and my whys for each goal. While goals can change over the course of time, I find these to be incredibly important to me, and doubt there will much straying this year. My goals are as follows:

  1. Build a successful Ms. Peach Plus and Ms. Peach Plus Designs brand that generates a substantial and consistent revenue while allowing me to use my talents to serve others, live on purpose, do what I love, and live a life filled with joy.
  2. Manage my health so that I can live and enjoy my life.
  3. Cultivate my finances in a way that reflects what the Lord has designed for our lives and release myself from debt, so I can live my life with significantly reduced stress.
  4. Continue to build a closer relationship with God, so I may walk in the plan that He has set for me.
  5. Live contently and intentionally so that I may be more focused on what matters in my life than engaging in the comparison game.
  6. Make myself available for companionship. This goal actually wasn’t on my original list, but some recent events really brought this to the forefront. A former boss and some really great friends have been on my case about making room in my life for someone special to come in. Whether or not it happens in 2018, I don’t know, but I will certainly make myself available for the opportunity.


Ms. Peach Plus - Vision 18

It’s no coincidence that my word for 2018 is light. I’ve been chasing this my whole life. Whether wanting to feel lighter, be a light, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, or have a light to guide me, this word has been seemingly waiting in the shadows to become a priority. This is the year for it, and along with my goals for the year, 2018 is poised to be my best year yet!

What are your goals for 2018? Share below!


MsPeachPlus Signature Peach

P.S. If you’re not in the market for Powersheets, but would love to set your own meaningful goals, I encourage you to grab a notebook and go to to check out her goal setting series!

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