Reflecting on 2017

Ms. Peach Plus Reflecting on 2017

The table’s been cleared. Everyone (but ME!) is tucked in bed.

Christmas day is over.

Ms Peach Plus Reflecting on 2017

Now, my attention has shifted to 2018  and all the things I want to improve in the new year. Before I jump into my goals, I want to truly take time to reflect on the paths I traveled in 2017. This year transformed me in many ways, and I acknowledged some things I didn’t want to admit about myself and my life. It was painful in some ways, but more that anything, it was like lifting a burden. It was freeing.

Having fun with the wonderful creatives I met at the Inspired Retreat. (Photo: Gina Zeidler)


My word for 2017 was ACTION, and in many ways, I lived that. I went on my first solo trip to attend The Inspired Retreat in Tennessee. I collaborated in a number of styled shoots with some amazing creatives. I socialized more this year than I have in the last five years. There was much more that I accomplished this year, but as 2017 draws to a close, I realize what I didn’t prioritize. And that was the organization of my time.

See, I’m a dreamer who’s been able to get by for years in a somewhat organized chaos because my mind was sharp. Unfortunately, I started seeing the negative impact of this lifestyle as I saw my life start to unravel. Nothing terribly dramatic, but my health began to decline and let some potential relationships fall through the cracks.  I was falling behind on work, and I didn’t have time to spend with the people I love. While I had prayed to God for more success and creative work, there was too much on my plate, and I didn’t know how to handle the new influx of projects effectively.

As I reflect on my year, I know one thing for sure:

I will manage my time much better in 2018.

I realized today as I watched my niece and nephew enthusiastically sip hot cocoa from our fancy Christmas tea cups, that these are the moments I cherish most. I am ever grateful for the opportunities and blessings that have been brought my way this year, and I’m going to show this by organizing my time well. It’ll make me happier, for sure, but it will also make me better (and PRESENT!) personally and professionally.

Goal Digger: Ms. Peach Plus

As I’ve done for the last two years, I will share my Powersheets goals for 2018 soon. I thought I’d streamlined before, but I can see that with time, my goals have become more focused. I can’t wait to share with you!

If you have any time-saving/time management tips to share, please leave a comment below! I’d love advice!


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