Inspired Retreat



My story of actually getting to the Inspired Retreat is a long one. I felt a calling to attend in April, but I had no clue how it would happen. Still, I stalked the site regularly to make sure it hadn’t sold out. Thankfully, I was able to purchase my ticket in July, and I’ve been excited ever since…

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus

I’ve never traveled alone to a place I’d never been to meet people I’d never met. This was definitely a first. There were so many setbacks the morning of the retreat, but once I actually go on the road, there was a peace that I’d only felt a few times in my life. That moment was destined, and I felt it in my soul. The grounds of Evins Mill are beautiful and being able to sit in a rocking chair and listen to the water stream by was so peaceful. I’m by no means a nature girl, but I’m totally sold. The staff is AH-MAZING and incredibly kind. And let’s not talk about the food. That’s a whole other conversation.

To be completely honest, I’m like a walking advertisement for Inspired. I can rave about it to anyone who asks, and I can say, with no reservations, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as an adult, and as a business owner. It takes a lot in this digital world to put down your computer, phone, iPad, tablet, etc. and just enjoy the people and places around you. There, you’re able to unplug and truly soak in the experience. You’re able to build relationships with the attendees and with the speakers. You feel like you belong, and as an intense introvert, that means the world to me.

The attention to detail and care taken to ensure that we received meaningful and actionable information and advice was amazing. Each supper felt like an event, and I had some of the most inspiring conversations with some of the most amazing creative entrepreneurs in the business. I mean, we actually got to sit down and actually go in-depth. Where else do you get that type of attention? I walked away with so many ideas and a notebook full of plans and goals. More importantly, I walked away with friends who “get” this creative thing and are rooting for me. (I’m definitely rooting for them as well!)

On our last day, we were asked to share one take-away from our experience. While my initial response still holds true, I have a total of five that embody how the retreat has impacted my business and personal life.

  1. I have something valuable to share.
  2. There are people who genuinely want me to succeed.
  3. I am my biggest hurdle. (I hated admitting this to myself.)
  4. If you have a questions, ask.
  5. I can do this.

This was my first major conference, and I’m looking to attend at least three more conferences. My word for 2017 is action, and I found myself truly living that out even more so since the conference. Amber Housley has cultivated something indescribably special with this experience, and I’m hoping to return in the future!

Inspired Retreat - Ms Peach Plus


MsPeachPlus Signature Peach

P.S. All of these pictures were taken by the amazingly talented Gina Zeidler! She’s just a gorgeous soul, and boy, were we blessed to have her photograph this experience! (Insert several heart emojis.)

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