Getting Social at BarTaco

Getting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach Plus

Yesterday, I fussed at my friends about never taking me to BarTaco before. Their response? I’m funny about Mexican food.

Welp. Someone had to be honest.

My friends used to accommodate me by going to La Parrilla because they were the only Mexican restaurant that served wings. (And they’re wings are delicious!) I probably ate my first taco three years ago, and I’m learning that there is so much to explore in terms of Mexican cuisine in Atlanta. Better late than never…right?

Getting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach PlusGetting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach Plus

I got the opportunity to go to BarTaco for The Pretty Peach Workshop, and walked away knowing that not only would I come back to the restaurant, but also that I’d just learned more in four hours about blogging and my business than I thought I could. But, seriously, let’s talk about food first.

I am one who loves trying different types of tacos. Encouraged by friendly faces, I went for the chicken taco and the pork belly taco. [Insert praise hands here.] What have I been waiting on? I should’ve come here sooner. Added to that is the fact that pineapple is a choice for a side. I mean, pineapple is my absolute favorite fruit, and a bowl of it made my day! I washed it all down with an “Arnie Palmer” that wasn’t too sweet, which totally worked with the fruit. Overall, I will be back…sooner than later.

Getting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach PlusGetting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach Plus

The information I learned at the workshop is invaluable, and I am so proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone to attend it.One of my goals for this year is to socialize more. I’m terribly shy and not very good at opening up, especially alone in crowds. Luisa and Shelby made me feel so welcomed and had so much valuable and eye-opening information to share. I mean, I finally learned how to use my camera with manual focus. I also loved hearing Brittany talk about her inspiring journey in blogging. I walked away from the workshop empowered and motivated. It was worth every penny!

Getting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach PlusGetting Social at BarTaco - Ms. Peach Plus

The atmosphere at BarTaco is so inviting and fun. I certainly loved being able to hangout outside in such a comfortable setting. I love when I get a chance to explore my city, and this weekend has encouraged me to do more of that. So, I’m turning to you. What are your favorite spots around town to have fun and be social? Feel free to share them below.



P.S. I’m not as funny about Mexican food anymore. 😉

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