Goal Digger

Goal Digger: Ms. Peach Plus

Goal Digger: Ms. Peach PlusGoal Digger: Ms. Peach PlusHave you given up on your goals yet? I hope not, friend!

If you’ve stuck with me for a while, you know I tried Lara Casey’s  PowerSheets for the first time last year. Although I didn’t keep up with tracking my progress on the blog, I used them religiously. There wasn’t a month I skipped, and I can look back and see the growth I made throughout the year.

More than anything, I grew spiritually. It was important for me to focus more on God and building relationships in God. Thankfully, I began doing that. It has impacted my life in ways that I am beyond thankful for and in ways that I could have never expected.

Goal Digger: Ms. Peach Plus

I’m hoping that you’re still striving to achieve your goals, and even if you have paused, I hope you jump back on track. Sometimes, we get into the trap of setting lofty goals and harsh deadlines. I know I’ve been guilty of that one. (Anybody else wanted to lose __lbs before Spring Break?) We can do better, friend. We have the power to stay motivated.

Goal Digger: Ms Peach Plus

Here are some tips that I have to help you stay motivated.

  • Make sure your goals are representative of your values
  • Find accountability partners to help with specific goals
  • Review and modify your goals multiple times throughout the year
  • Place your goals where you can see them

Want to know what I’m aiming to achieve this year? Here’s my list so far:

  1. Get closer to God.
  2. Live intentionally
  3. Live simply
  4. Build a successful blog and business
  5. Tear down debt
  6. Present myself as I would like to be addressed
  7. Take steps to live a healthier life
  8. Socialize

Goal Digger: Ms. Peach Plus

These goals are subject to change throughout the year, but I feel that they are very representative of the direction I would like to take my life  in 2017. Will they change? Well, there’s a great possibility, and I’ve learned to be okay with that. I’m hoping you decide to allow your goals to grow with you as you go through the year as well.



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