A Teacher’s Shower

A Teacher's Shower

No shower is an easy feat. Planning one for a colleague has the potential to be stressful, but the opportunity to take lead on the latest shower at my school has taught me a few things that I’d love to share with you for your school or office.

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

Use the resources you have! The above board is one that’s in my classroom. We don’t use the chalk side anymore, so I typically keep it covered with a chart. This alone saved $50, which is the average cost of a chalkboard easel. Plus, it’s so much prettier than butcher paper.

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

If your school/office is anything like mine, someone is always getting married or having a baby. Having staples on-hand such as platters, mason jars, mini chalkboards, and other decorative pieces such as confetti make setting up a breeze. Store these items in a closet, so they are within reach. I got many items from Target’s Dollar Spot and by simply asking other creatives. The table clothes were from a planner who no longer needed them. A total win!

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

This shower had a romantic garden tea party theme. In June, I purchased a few beautiful gorgeous teacup candles from Arden’s Craft Room which is owned by a sweet young girl in California who’s following her passions. The candles smell divine, and are simply adorable. While they are for home, they fit this theme perfectly, and I was glad I had them to bring in.

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

Erin is our little planner, and it can a bit intimidating creating a spread for someone who does this event thing so well! I’m glad we were able to work as a team to make this a success. That component is vital. Whether for a colleague at work or your BFF at a venue, having a team is essential to creating a beautiful shower with a limited budget and stress. We all used our talents and/or brought great dishes to create a memorable experience for our dear friend, and it paid off greatly!

A Teacher's Shower ~ mspeachplus.com

Wishing Erin a beautiful wedding and blessed marriage!



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