Serpas AtlantaSerpas SangriaHouse Smoked Salmon ChipsSerpas Berkshire Pork ChopProseccoSerpas Beignets & Mocha SauceMs. Peach Plus @ Serpas Restaurant

Serpas has been on my radar for quite some time, and I am glad my sister-friend, Latriecia, wanted to go to celebrate her 30th birthday. It was certainly a “Treat Yo’self” event full of laughter, great food, and wonderful conversation. I have to say my pork chop was hands down one of the best I have ever tasted at a restaurant.

We stayed for hours, just talking and talking about this newest chapter of our lives. (We only have one friend that hasn’t turned 30 yet.) There are a lot of changes that we all planning to make including trying new things and making healthier choices. It was a necessary exchange that gave me a bit more resolve as I walked away from a very stressful month. Here’s to a great summer with more new experiences.


MsPeachPlus Signature Peach

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