Vision Update-January

Beginning a work out plan!
First full salad… Ever!
Making a point to spend time with my friends!

Oh, January! Where did you go?!

I feel like January has totally passed me by, and I can’t seem to figure out how we got to this point so quickly. I can honestly admit that I got very overwhelmed at times. Things are going full speed at school and at the design shop. There have been some unexpected changes with both, and as I type, I realize that I still need to take a step back and reevaluate how to approach each in a more thoughtful and meaningful way. While I am finding growth in both areas of my professional life, I am finding that I need to assess if the direction I’m headed is beneficial to me… and my sanity.

As I sit to go over my month, I can say I’m beginning to incorporate a few of my goals for this year. There are some things that I am doing well and others I’d like to focus on more next month.

In January:

~I began working out with a few members of my team. I actually listed these ladies in my goal action idea in my Powersheets binder. Support is something I desperately need to achieve my goal of being more active, and I can honestly say, they keep me motivated. I intend to work out with a personal trainer twice a week, and work out three days on my own.

~My business is growing, and I have to change my game plan to accommodate the growth. I feel both blessed and nervous about the growth. I have a goal to work at the MPPD shop full-time at some point, but that may happen sooner than I expected. Even so, I am excited about growing, and I want to make sure this growth matching with my core values. I always want to do something I truly believe in.

~Each morning I thanked God for allowing me to see a new day. I know that no day is perfect, and everything is not always going to happen the way I want it to happen. That said, I know it is a privilege to see each day. I want to make each one the best I can.

In February:

~I want to make healthier food choices more often. February is my birthday month, and I fully intend to celebrate my 30th birthday with treats. I also want to be sure that when I’m not celebrating, I am making a conscious decision to eat food that is more nutritious and better for my body. We have to live.

~I intend to declutter. I set that goal for January, and couldn’t keep it up because I was too busy worrying about other things. The past week has certainly taught me that I can fit in what I truly want to accomplish. I plan to set aside fifteen minutes each day to clean something. In the long run, it will yield big results.

~I’m going to spend more time with the Lord. Plain and simple. I need to realign my priorities.


How have your resolutions or goals benefited you so far this year? What changes are you willing to make to achieve them? Let’s keep at it!


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