Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

Defining my year with Powersheets ~ Ms. Peach Plus

I bought the Powersheets by Lara Casey on a whim. I mean, I’d seen them around, and decided to buy a different goal setting system to use for 2015. I was going to stick with the same set this year, but something kept pulling me back to glance at these Powersheets. Lara’s sweet spirit probably helped with that. Read her blog, and you’ll totally get it. She has such a giving soul & inspiring conviction. I put a workbook in the cart weeks ago, but changed my mind. I already had a system, and it was free to reuse.

Then I saw two ladies, whose advice helped me immensely in 2015, using the Powersheets, and I bought the set the same day. Turns out, I was one of the last to get a set as they sold out a few hours after I made my purchase! (Divine timing!) You can pre-order from their next shipment using the link above.

Lara Casey and her team are absolutely amazing! This system is so detailed and encouraging in a way that inspires you to dig deep and take action. Instead of just listing goals, I am creating goals that link to my word for the year. I just want to note that I already had a word for the year {PURPOSE}, and my vision list goes along with it. This system just helps me be more intentional about achieving my goals. 

So far, there are two major aspects (among many) of the Powersheets that have caused me to be a true believer in the effectiveness of this system. The first is that I am asking myself serious questions about what worked and what didn’t work last year. Yep. I had to be honest with myself, and it took time to figure it out, y’all! I don’t know about you, but I like to focus on the good bits more that the sour patches. I had to address both, and I’m a better person for it. After identifying my lessons from things that did and didn’t work, I realized I’d literally completed the most important self assessment of my year. Now, I know where to change.

That leads me to the other aspect that has me raving about the Powersheets… I create reasonable steps to achieve my goals. I stated before that I’d given myself lofty goals with no support in the past, and now I have small steps I can take to yield great results. It’s very likely that I will incorporate the Powersheets into my Vision 16 updates throughout the year as this is a system that lends itself to continuous reflection over the year.

I absolutely adore Lara Casey’s Powersheets and recommend them wholeheartedly. Personally and professionally, this is no doubt one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. I want to be very intentional about my journey this year, and I truly believe I will be going in the right direction. See how I’m using Powersheets to help create a clearer vision for 2016 on my Powersheets Power Board!


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This post is not sponsored by the Lara Casey brand, and the opinions shared are totally my own. I purchased the Powersheets with my own money and truly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their lives with goal setting. 


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