The Generous Life ~ Ms. Peach Plus

I realize that I know so many people who are constantly giving of their time to help those in need. It’s something that I want to involve myself in more this year. Of course, the nature of teaching means that I give my time to others, but I want to do more.

My first moments of the holiday break were spent with people I love who were in the hospital. I am generally a hermit, and not for spending time outside of my comfort zone/routine. The feeling I got when I was making “my rounds” though, was unlike any that I’ve experienced in a long while. Time is invaluable, and it is a marvelous way to show someone they matter. Isn’t that all anyone really wants anyway?

Learning to Be Generous ~ Ms. Peach Plus


I’m looking at a few ways to volunteer my time this year, and intend to look into a few church initiatives to do just that. I recently found a great post about giving back that has me thinking about ways to give back at home and abroad. Aside from dedicated purposes, I want to be more generous in my daily life as well. As a person who has focused so much on self  for the last few years, this type of shift in behavior will take time, but I am looking forward to the outcome.

It takes a lot to go out of your circle and focus on the needs of others. I have friends that will contend I am already a generous person, but I believe there is more I can do outside of those I know and love. There are certainly causes worth assisting and ways to show kindness every day.

In what ways are you generous? Is there a way you can do more? Leave some suggestions! Let’s find new ways to give back!


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