Goals for 2016 ~ Ms. Peach Plus

I’m sure many of you create (or are staunchly against) resolutions. I actually welcome the idea of starting fresh in the new year with a new set of goals. For me, the concept of hitting the refresh button every year motivates me to try new things. Much like my school years, I think of things I can do to improve and make the coming year more memorable.

At the end of each calendar year, I create a vision list. Nothing too specific like “I have to lose 10 pounds by April.” It’s more of ideas and concepts that I would like to shape my year. I’ve gotten a lot better, I think, at creating goals that focus more on what will give me greater purpose in life over the years.

Goals for 2016 ~ Ms. Peach Plus

With this year being a milestone for me, (I’m beginning my thirties! Eek!!) I wanted to reevaluate my previous vision lists from 2014 and 2015. I found that I was too rigid in what I wanted to accomplish, and although I believe in dreaming big, I was asking myself to jump into the ocean without knowing how to swim. I have to build in order to create a life I am proud of and one that aligns with my overall vision of who I would like to be as a person.

I experienced A LOT of personal growth in the the second half of 2015. I love who I’m becoming and what I’m opening myself to see and believe. For 2016, I came up with 12 goals for this year that I think will allow me to interpret them as I grow throughout the year. They align with what I have learned from exploring my faith. (That’s another post.)


These simple goals are the framework of my year. To help with accountability, because I inevitably forget about my list from April to September, I will do a monthly update/check in to see how I feel I am accomplishing the goals I have set for myself.

Are you creating resolutions for 2016? What’s on your list?

Best wishes!


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