It’s amazing to me that even with a wonderful (and incredibly adorable) class this year, I still feel there’s more to do than I can handle. I would think that going into year eight, I would feel lighter and more prepared, but I’ve been feeling the pressure.

Managing Beginning of the Year Stress Plus Tips

It seems that the first month of the school year is full of tears and exhaustion from both students and teachers. No matter what you do, the exhaustion is there. The stress of starting over can be reduced, and I’ve finally learned a few tricks to deal with it. The beginning of my school year was quite different than most years. I have a new principal. I’m the new grade level chair. Finally, I just sent my baby sister off to college. That one change alone has sent me into a tizzy.

With so many changes, I was inspired to compile a list of things I can do to make work a bit easier for myself. Use this Let’s Reduce Some Stress worksheet to help make this school year flow a bit more smoothly. Honestly, one of the best tips I’ve learned is getting up earlier. I know it sounds crazy, but it has truly helped with my productivity! What are you doing to reduce your stress this year?

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