My EDU sisters are the best. There’s simply no other way to describe them. We’re not perfect. We don’t always agree. We ARE full of love and support for one another. I always feel inspired and reenergized when I meet with them.

We finally found a time when most of us were in town and went to Pure Taqueria in Inman Park. Okay, I know my city very well, but this was my first time visiting Inman Park… Sad, I know, but I do want to revisit and check it out more. It’s such an adorable area. We sat on the patio, and I have to admit , I quite enjoyed it. I’m not one to sit outside, but I really liked the ambience. The service was prompt and the staff was friendly and very helpful.

The night was filled with fun, inspiring stories, and a tons of laughter.  We ate and drank as we discussed our futures and how our little family is growing in so many ways by leaps and bounds. I was looking forward to having pato rostizado during this visit, but I ended up with the torta de pollo milanesa. I liked it, but I look forward having  the duck when I go to the one in Brookhaven. I want to sit on the rooftop there.

As someone who only recently started loving Mexican inspired foods, I totally suggest giving Pure a try.  It  was great place to meet with the girls, and I truly enjoyed my time there.


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