Top (Eloquii from back in the day!)|Skirt (Eloquii via Gwynnie Bee) seen here in blue & white Bracelet (Gift)|Shoes (DSW)

I consider myself an optimistic person, especially so these days. As I embark on a new school year, I think about the new responsibilities ahead of me. I’m actually excited about creating my new routine and looking forward to working with some pretty awesome friends.

Last school year, I was very stressed, and toward the end, I wasn’t really looking forward to going to work at all. I was dragging all the time. I didn’t feel balanced, and I felt overwhelmed. I am so grateful for the reset button God has seemingly pressed in my life. I’m being more proactive, and I don’t feel the the dread I once felt. The connections I have made over the summer have truly inspired me, and I anticipate I will have a lot of wonderful things to share with you.

Whether you’re teaching or not, take the time to acknowledge what you are looking forward to doing. Think about what you love about right now.


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