Planning with Day Designer for Blue Sky

Ms Peach Plus - A Planner for Teachers







Yes, I am one of the few who was lucky enough to catch a Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner early, and let me just say, “Hallelujah!” It is worth it.

I purchased the black and white striped weekly/monthly planner with the vertical weekly format for myself, and this is precisely what I needed to accompany my August edition last year! That said, I’m going to try it out on its own for a couple of weeks and decide whether or not to purchase another August Edition or the three column daily planner I really wanted to grab, but was out of stock at about eight stores.

Weekly formats are generally not my thing. I’m not a fan of the traditional weeklies that Blue Sky produces because I always felt like I needed more detail in my planners. I did buy my mom a more traditional weekly format (also pictured), and that is totally her thing! My planner contains different sections to help me better organize my week and prioritize my tasks. I appreciate that this planner has a place for all of my weekly to-do’s, a top three for each day, a weekly gratitude, plans for the following week and notes for the week.

I have a feeling that this planner may be sufficient enough for me to not need a daily planner at all. I’m hoping that Day Designer keeps this format for future releases. I simply adore this vertical weekly format. Are you planning to purchase a DD planner from Target or have you already snagged one? What are your thoughts?


The winner of the notecard giveaway is Tanahia B.! You’ll receive an email soon! Congrats!

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