Showerin’ the Bride





My baby brother is getting married this month, and  I am his bride’s maid of honor. As such, I had the privilege of throwing the bridal shower. (My mom was a huge help with that!)

I was fortunate enough to hold it at Uncle Julio’s in Sandy Springs. I would just like to take a moment and say I absolutely love the service, kindness, and flexibility of this location, and I will be returning. They made planning completely stress-free!

Going with a diy-southern theme, mason jars and soda bottles served as centerpieces. I painted the mason jars using craft paint from Target. Stephanie Creekmur’s “Sweet as a Peach” print sat as the main focal point.  (It’s on sale now!) We gave nail polish in the wedding colors as favors.

Budget-friendly and still so pretty, I’m quite proud of the setting we created.  We shared a lot of laughs and some amazing food. I had the salmon, and it was DIVINE.

We’re  now, officially, on countdown mode, and I am SO excited to see my brother and future sister-in-law tie the knot soon!


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