JCT Kitchen + Bar

JCT Kitchen + Bar is one of my favorite restaurants in town. Tucked away in the Westside Provisions District near the railroad tracks,  JCT Kitchen offers a southern menu with local and seasonal ingredients. The first time I dined there it was with my mom. We ordered the chicken skins as an appetizer (a serious guilty … More JCT Kitchen + Bar

Summer Reflection

As we end the traditional summer travel season, I think back to my last trip of summer. Daytona Beach is like a second home to me because it is where much of my mother’s family lives. This time around I wanted to enjoy being a tourist and trying some places I haven’t been before. We … More Summer Reflection

Peach Pickin’

Okay, I’m a Georgia girl who’s never picked a fresh Georgia peach. It’s not something that I didn’t want to do. It was just something I hadn’t thought to do. I do totally recommend it, though. We ended up with nearly 100 peaches for about $36. I’ve already started a Pinterest board to help with recipe … More Peach Pickin’